Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Routine Traffic Stop Leads To Arrests

Four teenagers were driving home from a friend’s house when they were pulled over for a defective brake light.  When the officer made contact with the driver, he could smell intoxicants coming from the vehicle.  UV Vodka and marijuana were found in the vehicle.  
Police arrested the 17 year old driver and he was cited for operating with controlled substance, underage person transporting intoxicants and underage possess/consume alcohol-2nd.
An 18-year-old male passenger was arrested for underage drinking-2nd and possession of THC with intent to deliver, which is a felony offense.
A third teenager was cited for underage consumption of alcohol.
The fourth teenager in the car was released to their parents.
Unfortunate for the teenagers being pulled over, cited and arrested, however they are safe.   It's a scary fact of teenagers drinking or using drugs and getting behind a wheel.  In this case, the defective break light may have saved their lives.