Friday, July 1, 2016

Bayview Bridge & Highway OPEN!!!

The wait is finally over, the Bayview Bridge and north section of Highway 42/57 are open!

Thank you to the construction company and workers for putting in a long day and night, to ensure the Bridge would be open this morning.

For those traveling, please wear your seatbelts and don't drink and drive.  Have a safe, Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hwy 42/57 Traffic Pattern Changes

In preparation for the final stage of the Hwy 42/57 construction project, the Hwy crossing at Alabama St and Utah St are closing today.

The Michigan St roundabout will open for cross traffic only.  Hwy access is NOT open.

Hwy 42/57 access will open at the same time the Bayview Bridge opens, which is scheduled for this Friday morning.

Thank you for every one's patience and understanding, as the final preparations are put in place to open before the 4th of July weekend.  

Michigan St Roundabout flyer

The opening of the Hwy and Bayview Bridge is near.  

For those unfamiliar with the Michigan St. roundabout, the WI DOT has provided this flyer, showing the exact layout and markings for our roundabout.  

If anyone has questions on how roundabouts should be driven, please contact the DOT at the number on the flyer or the Sturgeon Bay Police Department.  Thank you!    

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tiki Bar Disturbance

On June 26 at 9:37hrs, city officers were dispatched to the area of the outdoor Tiki Bar at Stone Harbor Resort for a disturbance.  Officers found two intoxicated males had caused a disturbance by swearing at people, and punching a Stone Harbor employee who just got off shift; the employee had gone to check on the two men.  The employee reported no injury and did not want to pursue battery charges.  As the disturbance escalated, an unknown bystander had struck one of the intoxicated males with a skateboard.

The two intoxicated males continued their verbal barrage of swearing after the police had arrived, even when the police attempted to deescalate the situation.  The two males were arrested and issued misdemeanor citations for disorderly conduct.  The two males were friends, with one being 33 yrs old from Green Bay and the second being 28 yrs old from Suamico.

The case has been forwarded to the District Attorney's Office.

Please, take a taxi … don’t drink and then drive.

This past weekend, Sturgeon Bay Police arrested four individuals for OWI, and in three of the cases a preliminary breath test indicated the drivers were 3 times over the legal limit of .08.  We encourage all citizens who choose to go out and drink, please don’t drive.  Take a taxi or have a sober person pick you up, and avoid the ride to jail in a squad car. 

On June 24, just after 9:00pm, police received a report of a possible intoxicated driver on E Maple St.  The driver was contacted in the downtown area on the east side, and the 46 yr old Sturgeon Bay man admitted he had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were completed, which indicated the driver was impaired.  The driver was arrested for OWI-1st offense, and cited for possession of open intoxicants in a vehicle.

On June 25 at 1:41am, police received a report of an intoxicated person who was going to be driving away from a downtown establishment.  Police located the person in a parked vehicle running.  The officer was going to make contact with the person asking them to not drive, but when the person saw the police, they drove off instead.  The officer conducted a traffic stop on the driver, a 57 yr old female from the Milwaukee/Sturgeon Bay area.  The field sobriety tests indicated the driver was impaired, and they were arrested for OWI-1st offense. 

On June 25 at 3:15am, police were dispatched to a hit and run accident on W Larch St.  The driver of the striking vehicle fled on foot, and was being pursued by the 911 caller.  Police caught up with the driver on W Oak St, and identified him as a 42 yr old male from Sturgeon Bay.  Field sobriety tests showed he was impaired, and the driver was arrested for OWI-4th offense.  A search of the driver located a marijuana pipe in his pocket.  In addition to the OWI, the driver was cited for hit and run, failure to report an accident, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The driver was booked into jail and held until an appearance before a judge, as it was his 4th offense.

On June 26 at 2:45am, police stopped a vehicle for traveling left of the center line.  The officer noted the driver almost struck a pedestrian crossing sign and at one point, his vehicle was completely in the opposing lane of traffic.  A strong odor of intoxicants came from the driver, a 21 yr old male from Sturgeon Bay, who showed signs of impairment with the field sobriety tests.  The driver was arrested for OWI-1st offense, and cited for operating left of center.    

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Safety With High Traffic Volume

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department is expecting an extremely high traffic volume with the numerous events taking place this weekend in Door County.  We would like to offer some suggestions to motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, to ensure everyone has safe travels in the city.   As we approach the weekend, traffic flow will increase and we need everyone to have extra patience!


1)     Plan ahead and allow extra travel time, especially during peak traffic times. 

·         Expect backups in the city on Friday from 3:00-8:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am-5:00pm.   

·         Officers will be directing traffic along the detour route as needed during peak times, especially at Madison/Maple and Michigan/3rd.

2)     Please be courteous and respectful to all drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.  

·         Visitors do not know our city streets as well as we do.  You will get behind slow or lost drivers, and appreciate the fact they choose to visit our fine city.

3)     Give semi-trucks and large delivery vehicles space to make their turns. 

·         Preventing them from turning only backs up traffic.  Be assured, the semi drivers don’t enjoy traveling through the city streets either.

4)     Avoid left hand turns if possible, especially at major intersections.  Left hand turns back up traffic and increases your chance of having a serious injury accident.

·         Intersections to avoid left hand turns include:

-   Madison Ave @ Maple St (locations in bold had most accidents in 2013 detour)

-  1st Ave @ Michigan St

-  5th Ave @ Michigan St

-  4th & 5th Ave @ Jefferson St

-  Neenah Ave @ E Maple St

-  8th Ave @ Egg Harbor Rd

Example #1: East bound traffic on W Maple St, instead of turning left onto N Madison Ave to cross the Michigan St Bridge, please go straight and use the Maple-Oregon St Bridge. 

Example #2: North bound traffic on Madison Ave, either turn off before Maple St and go down Lansing Ave to get to W Maple St, or continue through the intersection and turn onto Larch St and go up Lansing Ave. 

Example #3: If you need to take Neenah Ave, use the Maple-Oregon St Bridge, and avoid having to turn left at the Madison/Maple stop lights.

Example #4: Right turns onto Michigan St from 1st Ave are the safest.  Avoid left hand turns and crossing Michigan St, which causes most of the accidents.


1)     Obey all traffic laws.  Not only is it the law, it shows respect to the drivers.

·         The biggest complaint we receive on bicycles is they don’t stop at stop signs. 

2)     Ride single file on heavy traffic streets. 

3)     Wear your helmet.

4)     Wear bright, high visibility clothing.


1)     Cross a street only at a marked crosswalk or intersection. 

2)     Never dart out into traffic hoping to beat a vehicle. 

3)     To safely cross the street, take one step into the crosswalk and stop to make sure drivers see you and stop.       

4)     Please use the sidewalks.  Do not walk/run in the street.

The patience we display will have a lasting impact on our fellow citizens and visitors.  Enjoy the beauty of our city and county, and slow down when using the streets.  Thank you!




Door County Habitat for Humanity Trailer/House recovered!

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department has located the missing trailer and house that was taken from the parking lot of Door County Habitat for Humanity.  The house had been removed from the trailer, and each item was recovered on different properties outside the city in Door County.  No arrests have been made to date, but the investigation continues.

The SBPD would like to thank WBAY for the June 20 news coverage about the missing trailer.  (WBAY report)  After the news report, a citizen notified SBPD they believed they had seen the house at a property in the county.  Police confirmed this was Habitat's house, and further investigation lead to the location of the trailer.

We believe without the news coverage and the citizens tip, Habitat's trailer would not have been located.  The public's involvement is vital in helping the police solve crimes and in keeping your community safe.  We extend our gratitude and thanks to the citizen who called police and to the news media!

SBPD Mission Statement
The mission of the Sturgeon Bay Police Department is to serve, protect, and work 
in partnership with the community to ensure a safe, nurturing environment.