Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Green Bay Woman Arrested For Fraud

After a three month investigation involving multiple fraud cases on businesses in the City of Sturgeon Bay. Heather Diamond was apprehended by the United States Marshals Service in the City of Green Bay.

Heather Diamond has been charged with 22 counts of Felony Forgery & Uttering and is incarcerated at the Door County Jail.  The Sturgeon Bay Police Department would like to thank the United States Marshals Service for their assistance in apprehending Heather Diamond.

Sturgeon Bay Man Arrested In ICAC Investigation

On October 19, 2014 at 3:51 PM, Officers arrested a 39 year old Sturgeon Bay man for arranging to meet up and have sex with a 15 year old girl from Sturgeon Bay. The Sturgeon Bay man had contacted the girl online and had arranged to meet with the girl at a local motel for sex. The 39 year old Sturgeon Bay man was previously arrested by Officers for a similar incident in August of 2014. The Sturgeon Bay man was incarcerated at the Door County Jail on the following charges:
  • Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime,
  • Child Enticement
  • Probation Hold

Sturgeon Bay Man Arrested For Arson

On October 22, 2014 at 3:27 AM, Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Third Avenue for a house fire. Upon arrival Officers found the occupants of the house on a balcony due to the fire below them. As Officers entered the residence they found the fire extinguished and the smoke detectors inside the residence broken. Officers observed damage to the kitchen area from the fire. The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department was summoned to make sure that there was no remaining fire in the residence.

Officers learned that a 28 year old Sturgeon Bay man had intentionally started the fire in the residence. Officers arrested the 28 year old Sturgeon Bay man and incarcerated him at the Door County Jail on the following charges:
  • Arson-Felony.
  • Disorderly Conduct-Misdemeanor.
  • Criminal Damage To Property-Misdemeanor.
  • Outstanding warrants.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sturgeon Bay Police Department Citizen's Academy

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department started its citizens academy this week. The academy will run for three consecutive weeks, every Tuesday of the week. During the academy citizens will be trained on numerous law enforcement topics and will have the ability to interact with officers. If you are interested in joining future citizens academies please contact Chief Arleigh Porter at 920-746-2450.

Halloween Trick Or Treat Hours

Halloween is Friday, October 31, 2014. Trick or Treating hours will be from 4PM to 7PM. We urge all who are trick or treating to follow some of these brief safety tips:

  1. Be familiar with the neighborhood you trick or treat in. Go only to homes with a light on.
  2. Go in pairs. There is safety in numbers.
  3. Look both ways before crossing the street. 
  4. Make sure your child's costume can be easily seen at night. Decorate it with reflective tape so motorists and others can easily see them.
  5. Try to avoid having the child wear a mask with their costume or make sure the mask allows them to have a complete field of vision. Most masks limit the child's ability to see well and could be a factor in causing them to trip or run into low objects. 
  6. Don’t eat candy that is not securely wrapped, or better yet, have a parent or older brother or sister inspect the candy before eating it. 
  7. Motorists please remember to watch out for frequent pedestrian traffic.
We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Help needed to identify dog owner

This afternoon around 12:15pm, a jogger was bitten by a dog on a Michigan Street sidewalk in the area of Huehns Funeral Home and the old Sally's Soft Serve.

The dog was described as a medium size all black dog, with average hair length.  The dog was on a leash held by a middle age adult female.  Two adult males and another adult female were accompanying the female with the dog, and they were walking east on Michigan St.

Police are looking to identify the dog owner to verify that the dog has been vaccinated for rabies. This will bring peace of mind to the victim and avoid having to receive rabies shots.

If anyone knows who the dog owner is, or if the owner hears this news release, please contact the Sturgeon Bay Police Department at 746-2450 and speak to an on-duty officer who can confirm the dog is vaccinated.  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Seatbelt High Visibility Enforcement summary

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department has completed their 2014 Seatbelt High Visibility Enforcement program, which is funded through a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety.  The program ran in coordination with deputies from the Door County Sheriff’s Department, with each agency providing two officers dedicated to traffic enforcement for each four hour deployment.  The  deployments occurred between May 1 and September 30.    

The results of the Sturgeon Bay Police Department’s portion of the program are as follows:

·         277 traffic stops were made during 158 hours of deployments.

·         Officers averaged a traffic stop every 34 minutes.

·         175 traffic citations were issued
       22    Seatbelt 
        17    Speeding
        1      OWI (operate while intoxicated)
        5      OAR and OWS (operate after revocation or suspension)
        8      Vehicle registration
        22    Miscellaneous violations (i.e.: stop sign / no insurance)

·         138 traffic warnings were issued:
       84    Speeding
        23    Vehicle registration
        18    Vehicle equipment
        13    Miscellaneous violations

·         4 non-traffic arrests from the stops: 
       3    Obstructing an officer (criminal charge)
        1      Probation & Parole Hold