Friday, October 28, 2016

Theft from Wal-Mart Digs A Deeper Hole for Suspect

On October 13, police were notified by Wal-Mart of retail theft case,  An unidentified female had stolen a couple boxes of diapers. The female was captured on store video.  The police were able to identify the female as a 23 year old from Sturgeon Bay, who was on probation and had an active felony criminal case that involved theft.

The suspect was evading police until October 24, when Wal-Mart reported the female had returned to their store.  Police arrested the female and took her to jail on a charge of retail theft and felony bail jumping.

Threat in Public Leads to Arrest

On October 25 at 12:13pm, police were dispatched to the Dancing Bear Toys on N 3rd Ave for a disorderly/suspicious male.  The male was gone on police arrival and it was reported the male had entered the store in a hyper and agitated state, wanting a lighter.  Upon leaving the store, the male remained in front of the store and loudly announced, "I'm going to kill me a Muslim."  This behavior alarmed and upset the store employee, who locked the front door and moved their customers to the back of the store.

Based on the description of the suspect, police were able to identify the male as a 40 year old male who is homeless, but lives in the Door County area.  Approximately 20 minutes prior to this call, the male had been removed by police from Bridgeport Resort for scaring and upsetting their guests.

Police located the suspect in the downtown area and arrested him for disorderly conduct and bail jumping, due to an open criminal court case.  The male was taken to the Door County Jail and booked in on the new criminal charges, and the case was referred to the DA's Office.  The suspect is also on probation and the WI Department of Corrections placed a probation hold on him.

Disturbance leads to citation

On October 23 at 12:08am, officers were dispatched to a fight at the Knights of Columbus building. On arrival, police found no active fight occurring, but identified one of the parities involved, a 34 year old male from Sturgeon Bay.  The male was intoxicated, had a torn shirt and was actively upset, yelling and screaming in the parking lot.  At first, the male was not cooperative with officer's, but became compliant after being handcuffed.

The other person involved was not located or identified by anyone at the scene.  The suspect detained was issued an ordinance citation for disorderly conduct and released to family members at the scene.

Domestic Arrest for Disorderly Conduct

On October 19 at 4:30pm, police were dispatched to a family fight at an apartment on the east side of the city.  An investigation revealed a 23 yr old male from Sturgeon Bay got upset at other occupants, calling them derogatory names and threatening to hit/kill one.  Police learned earlier in the week, the suspect had grabbed a female by the arm, causing a bruise/injury.

The male was arrested for disorderly conduct-domestic related.  The male was very irrational and agitated, and appeared to be suffering from a mental health episode.  The male was taken to the hospital and an evaluation done by a crisis worker determined for the suspects safety, he needed to be transported to a mental health facility.  The criminal case was referred to the DA's Office.

Domestic Arrest at Hotel

On October 23 at 12:46am, police were dispatched to Stone Harbor Resort for a domestic incident in a guest room.  Police determined a 21 yr old male from Minnesota was intoxicated and when he became upset at his mother, started to call her derogatory names.  The male than went after his father-in-law, who had tried to stop the name calling, slamming him into a door/wall.  The slam was hard enough to damage the door and wall, but the father-in-law was unhurt.  

The male was arrested for disorderly conduct-domestic related and criminal damage to property.  The male was taken to jail.  Restitution will be sought for the cost to repair the damage to the hotel room.    

Acid Trip Leads to Jail

On October 23 at 2:30am, police were dispatched to the 400 block of N 6th Ave for a suspicious/disorderly complaint for a male yelling and banging on a home's front door; the owner did not know the suspect.  When police arrived, they found the suspect, a 21 yr old male from Sturgeon Bay, laying on the sidewalk face down, screaming.  It was a cold night, but the male was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and soaking wet, believed to be from sweating.  When the officers went to assist the male, he began screaming and swearing at officers.  The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and once in the back of the squad car, he began to bang his head on the squad cage, injuring himself.  The suspect was then transported to DCMC by ambulance for medical treatment for the injury and his admission he had taken acid.  

Further investigation found the suspect had broken the front door he was banging on.  The suspect was also out on felony bond conditions from another criminal cause.  Once medically stable and cleared, the suspect was taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and felony bail jumping.  

During a follow up interview, the suspect reported to have taken two hits of acid/LSD, but no other drugs.  The suspect did not remember most of the events that had transpired.  The suspect would not tell police how he obtained the acid.

OWI Arrests are Repeat Offenders

On October 23 around 11:00am, police received a complaint of an intoxicated driver on the west side of the city.  Police located and stopped the vehicle for a brake light out.  The driver was a 36 year old male from Sturgeon Bay, who smelled of alcohol and slurred his speech.  Field sobriety tests indicated the driver was impaired, and with an alcohol level over twice the legal limit of .08. The driver was arrested for his 4th offense OWI and booked into jail.

On October 15 at 11:23pm, officers were dispatched to Taco Bell for a disorderly complaint involving people arguing in the drive thru lane.  Upon investigating, police spoke to one of the driver's involved, a 64 year old male from Sturgeon Bay.  The driver had a strong odor of alcohol, with slurred speech.  The driver would not cooperate and complete the field sobriety tests and was arrested for 3rd offense OWI.  Upon searching the driver, marijuana was located on him, and there were open intoxicants in the vehicle.  In addition to the OWI charge, the driver was cited for possession of marijuana and open intoxicants.

On October 9, just after midnight, police were dispatched to a disturbance on N 5th Ave.  One of the parties involved had left prior to police arrival, but police located him in his vehicle downtown.  The driver, a 25 yr old male from Green Bay, smelled of alcohol and refused to complete any field sobriety testing.  The driver was arrested for 3rd offense OWI and operating with a revoked license.