Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Row Boat Theft

A row boat, locked with a chain and padlock, was stolen near the waterfront of city property.  The row boat is a gray West Marina Zodiac with an Iowa registration sticker.  If you have any information, please contact the Sturgeon Bay Police Department at 920-746-2450.

Monday, September 26, 2016

OWI Arrests

Police were dispatched to a reckless driving complaint on the city's west side on September 24 at 12:12am.  The suspect vehicle was located on S Elgin Ave, where police initiated contact with the driver, a 21 year old male from Casco.  The driver smelled of intoxicants and field sobriety tests were performed.  The driver was arrested for OWI - 2nd offense and transported to the Door County Jail.

On September 24 at 2:00am, police observed a vehicle traveling at a very low speed and operating left of center on the city's east side.  A traffic stop was conducted, where it was found the driver had vomited over himself and reeked of alcohol.  The driver told police he can not handle alcohol very well.  The driver, a 59 year old male from Sturgeon Bay, failed his field sobriety tests and was arrested for OWI - 1st offense.  The driver was also cited for operating left of center.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Updated: Department Investigates Fatal Accident

Sturgeon Bay Police Department is investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident that took place today at approximately 11:55am on W Spruce St, just west of Madison Ave.  First responders arrived on scene and found the driver, who was the lone occupant, without a pulse or breathing.  Medical efforts were attempted at the scene and at Door County Medical Center, but were unsuccessful in resuscitating the driver.  

Preliminary findings indicate the driver likely suffered a medical condition while behind the wheel. The vehicle jumped the curb and went up onto the grass by the skate park parking lot.  The vehicle continued straight, coming to rest in some shrubs/trees.  Alcohol or drugs are not suspected to be contributing factors in the accident.  

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department has identified the driver as Michael Bloom, age 53, Sturgeon Bay.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

Update On Stolen Kitten

Missing kitten has been located.  
Please notify the Sturgeon Bay Police Department if you see this kitten, which was stolen at about 9:11 AM today from a car on​ Louisiana Street in front of the post office.  The kitten is a 3 month old female, white with orange patches on its ears and orange rings on its tail.  The kitten is friendly and named Daisy.   You may contact the Sturgeon Bay Police Department at 920-746-2450 with any information or if located.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Arrest for 6th Offense OWI

On September 15 at approximately 5:17pm, police received a 911 call reporting an intoxicated driver left a downtown establishment, after being told not to drive or the police would be called. Information received was the driver almost hit several vehicles and pedestrians.

Police located the vehicle soon after the 911 call in the downtown area, noticing the driver had crossed the center line.  A traffic stop was conducted and the driver, a 55 yr old male from Green Bay, smelled of intoxicants and his speech was so slurred, the officer had difficulty understanding him.  The results of the field sobriety tests were consistent in showing the driver was impaired.

Police arrested the driver for 6th offense OWI.  A preliminary breath test indicated the driver's alcohol level may be 12 times greater than the legal limit of .02 (three or more convictions for OWI moves the limit from .08 to .02).  The driver was taken to Door County Medical Center for medical evaluation and clearance before being transported to the county lodging facility, officially known as the Door County Jail, where he will be held until seen by a judge.

In addition to the OWI charge, the driver was charged or cited for: operating with a revoked license, open intoxicants in a vehicle, operating left of center and misdemeanor bail jumping.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Reminder ... if it is too good to be true, than your probably being scammed!

Recently, police took a fraud complaint where a person was contacted by a friend saying she had won money and only had to send in a couple thousand dollars to receive it.  The person was going to send in the money just like her friend to receive her winnings.  Fortunately, police were tipped off about the alleged scam and were able to intervene before the person sent out the money.  

The investigation revealed the person was contacted through Facebook messenger from a fake Facebook account.  The fake account was set up using the same name and photos from the friend's real account.  The only way to determine if the account was fake was to examine the details closely, one of them being the account was recently set up in the past month.

This is a reminder to all Facebook users to search Facebook to see if an account is setup in your name with your photos.  If so, you can report the account to Facebook as being fake.  

During the above investigation, police also learned a non-profit organization recently prevented a person from being scammed on Craigslist.  The person responded to an ad to rent a house in Door County, as the owner had to suddenly leave, but they were requesting money be wired immediately to secure the rental.  The non-profit organization was immediately tipped off by the wire transfer and told the person to not send the money.  Further investigation by the organization fond the rental house was for sale, but when contacting the realtor, the owners were still occupying the house.

It is common for scammers to post rental ads on Craigslist, offering a good deal on houses for sale.  However, if you don't know the person, can't meet them in person or have to wire money, it is likely a scam.  For tips on how to avoid these scams, please read: 

If anyone feels or does not know if they are being scammed, do not send the money and contact your local law enforcement agency.  Often, police can determine if the situation at hand is a scam and save you from loosing your hard earned money.  If the money is sent, and then police determine you were scammed, in most cases we can not get your money back or even identify who the perpetrator is.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Officers run in duty gear to honor the fallen.

This morning, three of our officers (Eric Jose, Jim Gray & Markus Tassoul) participated in the 9-11 Memorial Run put on by the Sturgeon Bay Police/Fire Honor Guard.  They participated in the 5K run wearing their duty uniform and duty belt.  

Thank you to them for representing the department and honoring the victims of 9-11.

“The attacks of 9/11 were intended to break our spirit.
Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified.”
Rudy Giuliani