Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shoplifter caught

Target contacted police on December 5 for a shoplifter in custody.  Police found a 48 year old female from Brussels had concealed a clothing item and left the store.  Store security has been watching the suspect and immediately stopped her upon her leaving the store.

The suspect admitted to wanting to steal the shirt, as she had no money to purchase the item.  For her actions, an ordinance citation for shoplifting/retail theft was issued to the suspect.    

Bail Jumping for Alcohol Violations

On November 30, police received information that a 31 year old male from Sturgeon Bay, was intoxicated and in violation of his felony bond conditions to maintain absolute sobriety.  Police located the male and confirmed he was intoxicated.  The male was arrested for felony bail jumping and taken to the Door County Jail to wait an appearance before a judge.
On December 4, police made contact with a 59 year old male from Sturgeon Bay who was in public and appeared intoxicated based on his behavior.  Police knew the male was under a court order to maintain absolute sobriety as part of his felony bond conditions for his 4th offense OWI charge.  It was confirmed the male had been drinking alcohol, and he was arrested for felony bail jumping.

This same male had left a threatening message for the city officer that arrested him on his OWI charge.  In addition to the bail jumping charge, the threat incident was referred to the DA's Office for a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of a communication system to threaten harm.  

Alcohol Leads to Bad Decision

On December 3 at 4:40 am, police were dispatched to a residence in Thunderhill Estates for a hit and run accident that caused property damage.  The suspect, a 19 year old male from Brussels, had gotten into a fight with other people at the residence and fled the scene, striking an unoccupied parked vehicle.

Door County Deputies located the suspect who was heading back to his residence.  The suspect had been drinking alcohol and Door County Sheriff handled the alcohol violations and probation hold arrest.

Sturgeon Bay Police cited the suspect for an ordinance violation of disorderly conduct and traffic violations for hit and run and failure to report an accident.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Road Rage Results in Citation

On the evening of December 2, police were dispatched to an accident/road rage incident.  One party claimed a truck following her had bumped into the back of her vehicle and the driver of the truck was yelling and swearing profanities at her.  The driver had her children in the car, who became scared by what happened.    

The driver of the truck denied hitting the back of the other vehicle and was upset at the other vehicles driving.  The driver of the truck admitted to yelling and swearing at the other driver.  

Police found no damage to either vehicle.  The driver of the truck, a 63 year old male from Sturgeon Bay, was issued an ordinance citation for disorderly conduct.  

Domestic Incidents

Incident #1: Police were sent to an east side home on December 1, just after 10:00 pm for a disorderly male. The 48 year old male was yelling and swearing at other occupants of the home, and attempted to kick in a bedroom door where one of the occupants had retreated to.  The male was arrested for domestic related Disorderly Conduct, and taken to the Door County Jail.

Incident #2: On December 2 at 8:15 pm, officers were sent to an east side home for a report of a women pleading for her life, as heard by neighbors. The investigation revealed the 20 year old male occupant was upset at his girlfriend.  During the argument, the male threw the girlfriend to the ground, injuring her hand, and broke some property.  The male was arrested for domestic related Disorderly Conduct and Battery and taken to jail.  The male had been drinking alcohol and was also cited for consumption of alcohol underage.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Street Light Damaged

On the morning of December 1, police took a report that a street light on N 18th Ave @ Iowa St was damaged and laying in a yard. The evidence showed an unknown vehicle had driven off the road, and struck the light pole, causing it to break.  Evidence indicates the vehicle continued west on Iowa St after striking the pole.  In talking with neighbors, the street light was first found damaged at 10:30pm on November 30.    

Police are looking for the public's help in locating the suspect vehicle, which should have front end damage.  Police want to identify the owner of the vehicle, so they can be held accountable and pay for the replacement cost of the street light.

We would gladly accept a phone call from the driver themselves, if their conscience is bothering them.  Otherwise, anyone with information on the identity of the vehicle can contact the police department at (920) 746-2450.

UPDATED on Dec 3 to reflect damage first found at 10:30pm, and not 11:30pm.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winter Parking begins ...

Beginning tonight, the city of Sturgeon Bay's winter parking restrictions are in effect.  City ordinance 7.07 states:

No operator of any vehicle shall park such vehicle upon any street within the city between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during December, January, February and March.  

The Street Department's snow plow drivers would like to thank everyone in advance for following this ordinance and helping them clear our streets more efficiently.
Failure to obey this ordinance can result in a $15 parking ticket.