Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Update on Monday's Incident

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department has the released the name of the man arrested in the Domestic Disturbance call that involved him wielding a knife on Monday, December 17, 2017 as 26 year old Brian C. Crook from Sturgeon Bay.  During this arrest, the tactical rifle carried by Sturgeon Bay officer Kyle Engebose who was in the same room but not in the act of arresting Brian Crook, discharged into the floor. The bullet fragments struck Door County Sheriff’s deputy Mike Reeths in upper rear left thigh area. Deputy Reeths was taken to Door County Ministry Health Center where he was released later the same day.

Brian Crooks has been charged with: Threat to a Law Enforcement Officer, Resist an Officer and Disorderly Conduct Use of Dangerous Weapon.

The Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation continues to investigate the discharge of the firearm.

 Prepared by: Captain Dan Brinkman, Sturgeon Bay Police Department