Friday, August 31, 2018

IRS Phone Scam Alert

The IRS phone call is intimidating and threatening, however it is a SCAM!   This scam call has been taking place for numerous years now but peaks at certain times.  We have been receiving a high volume of calls this week.  

Here is some information about the scam call:
  • The scammers use a system called spoofing which means you can call the number but it cannot be traced. 
  • It is only necessary to contact your local authorities if you are out funds.  Unfortunately the funds cannot be traced or reclaimed.  
  • The IRS will not call you or threaten you with being arrested by local law enforcement. 
That is one of many scam calls affecting many individuals.   Other scams are: 
  • Grandparent scam:  The scammer pretends to be your grandchild and states he/she is in trouble and need money right away.  The one thing about this scam is many elderly will say it sounded just like their grandchild.  
  • Lottery scam:  The scammer makes you believe you won a large amount of money or a car, however to claim your prize there is a small fee.   You should not have to pay money to get money.  
  • Computer Virus Scam:  The scammer tells you to pay an amount and they will take care the virus on your computer.  
There are so many more scams out there and individuals are still being victims of these scams.  We may not be able to stop the scammers by tracing their calls but you can help individuals from not being a victim by spreading the word.  The majority of the victims are elderly as they are not on social media, so if you have a elderly grandparent or neighbor please educate them about the scam calls that are out there.