Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Roundabout Safety Tips

The purpose of the roundabout is not to see how many cars you can pass or how fast you can maneuver the turns like a racecar driver.  Roundabouts are used by cyclists and pedestrians along with vehicles.  Pedestrians and cyclists will be using the Michigan Street roundabout to connect to the Ahnapee Trail, so here are a few safety tips for everyone:

As a driver:
  • SLOW DOWN as you approach the roundabout
  • Watch for cyclists and allow them to merge into the entry lane 
  • Yield to any pedestrians or cyclists on the crosswalk or waiting to cross
  • Be patient and yield to vehicles already in the roundabout … wait for a break in traffic
As a cyclist: 
  • Communicate your intentions to the drivers by pointing your destination
  • If comfortable riding in traffic, merge into the entry lane before the shoulder or bike lane ends
As a pedestrian: 
  • Stay on designated walkways at all times and cross only at the marked crosswalks 
  • NEVER cross to the central island 
  • Be alert, watch for cars and cyclists