Friday, June 8, 2018

Be Aware of Strangers Knocking at Your Door

The Sturgeon Bay Police is advising the community to be vigilant against door to door scammers following accounts of individuals knocking on doors requesting to come into people’s homes.

Several incidents have recently been reported to police with the format of the scams varying in nature.  One of those incidents occurred earlier this last week, police were called to a residence after a male was reported to be pounding on a woman’s door, saying he was campaigning for Matt Flynn. According to the complainant the male appeared nervous and was pacing on her porch.

There are times when legitimate businesses will make contact with homeowners in the City of Sturgeon Bay. In those cases the person(s) representing the business should have a City of Sturgeon Bay sellers permit available for viewing. If the person showing up at your door doesn't have a City of Sturgeon Bay sellers permit you can always close your door, ask the person to leave your property, or you can always call the police department and a officer can look into the mater further.

We urge everyone to warn their neighbors, family and friends to be vigilant and to know what to look for. As a community we need to look out for one another and report suspicious activity.