Friday, May 18, 2018

Thank You Walgreens!

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department wants to express our thanks to the associates at Walgreens for stopping a fraud incident on 05/14/2018!

A Sturgeon Bay Police Officer was dispatched to the Walgreens for a potential fraud incident. The officer got to Walgreens and encountered store employees and a Sturgeon Bay resident. Basically, one of our residents got a phone call from a person saying that her grandson is in jail and needs bail money. A member of our community was going to mail money, thinking it was going to her grandson’s bail.

Thankfully, Walgreens staff were able to identify this as fraud. We are happy to see that with the quick thinking of staff at Walgreens, the incident was prevented and no money was lost! This will never happen! No member of law enforcement will ever call you asking for bail money, or any money for that matter.

This is a common fraud/scam that we see in our community. If you receive a phone call from “law enforcement,” the “IRS,” or any other governmental organization asking for money… it’s a scam. As always, contact us at the Sturgeon Bay Police Department with any questions.