Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Be Mindful with Your Money

We want the public to be aware of frauds and scams. These happen all over the state and country… and even here in Sturgeon Bay. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department investigates many fraud complaints. We’ve had quite a few fraud complaints this past week.

Be aware of scams. If they seem too good to be true… it’s probably a scam. Some common ones we see are people being contacted with individuals misrepresenting themselves to scam people. Some of these include people pretending to be with the IRS, local police; the Sheriff’s Department… the list goes on. As always, contact the police department if something seems suspicious.
An officer was dispatched to a local business to investigate a fraud complaint. A couple was sending $9,400 to somebody they believed was an attorney. Basically, a Sturgeon Bay resident was contacted by an “attorney” who explained his granddaughter was in jail in Illinois and needed money to bail her out of jail. The fraudulent caller actually put on a female voice, pretending to be his granddaughter. This is a scam! Thankfully, a Sturgeon Bay Police Officer was able to stop this transaction prior to the couple sending the money to this unknown person.

This is a scam. You will not be contacted by anybody requesting money for a bail. We have seen past incidents like this where fraudulent callers pretend to be with the local Sheriff’s Department.
A Sturgeon Bay Police Officer was dispatched to investigate a fraud complaint. A Sturgeon Bay resident was contacted by somebody impersonating an officer with the social security office. This “fake” officer told a Sturgeon Bay resident they had a warrant for their arrest. Unfortunately, a Sturgeon Bay resident wired $9,000 to this “fake” officer then wired 4 more transactions. A total of $12,769.00 was wired and LOST! The resident also sent copies of her social security number, bank account numbers, and copy of her driver’s license.

Please know that you will never be contacted over phone to send money in regards to an arrest warrant. This is simply not how law enforcement does business.
A Sturgeon Bay Police Officer was dispatched to investigate a fraud complaint. A Sturgeon Bay resident attempted to purchase two puppies online. During the course of the exchange, the Sturgeon Bay resident sent around $1,000 to a fraudulent person. Not only did the resident not get two puppies, but he lost $1,000.
Please be careful with these types of frauds. The majority of time when you are contacted for money, it is not true.